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Whenever a discovery is made, a champion is crowned or a new standard set, we know the odds are good there’s a Gator involved. Because even spread across all 50 states and 135 countries, we stay united and we stay involved. Because we are Gators. And together, our impact is greater.

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U.S. News & World Report ranked UF at number 9 of public universities for 2018.


A leader in technology transfer, UF received $32,972,356 in license Income in fiscal year 2015, according to the AUTM.


The University of Florida received a record $724 million in research awards last fiscal year.


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

While leading the Gators basketball team as captain for three years, this magna cum laude double major also earned spot on the SEC’s Good Works Team, which highlights a member from each school who gives back to their community. She then co-founded a nonprofit that provides free secondary boarding schools in East Africa. Today, she leads the Bay Area office at the United States Liability Insurance Group, and has advised the CEO on the company’s philanthropic efforts.



Warrington College of Business

Just three short years after graduating from UF, Kim launched her own music merchandising startup. Since then, her has company created custom memorabilia for major artists ranging from Toby Keith to Katy Perry. Revenues have surged to $6 million. But that's not the number that makes Kim most proud. She has helped coordinate $42 million in grants for the Andrus Family Fund, an organization dedicated to giving at-risk kids a future they otherwise would not have had.



College of Journalism and Communications

Patric did more at UF than lead the basketball team to the Final Four. The SEC Defensive Player of the Year dedicated his offseason to elementary students who many people had given up on. As a CAMP Gator mentor, he showed at-risk youths a better, healthier way to live. Patric's hard work paid off. The proof: three SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year trophies (a conference first) and dozens of thank-you notes from his campers, many of whom have gone on to write new futures.



College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

While leading the Gators basketball team as captain for three years, this magna cum laude double major also earned spot on the SEC’s Good Works Team, which highlights a member from each school who gives back to their community. She then co-founded a nonprofit that provides free secondary boarding schools in East Africa. Today, she leads the Bay Area office at the United States Liability Insurance Group, and has advised the CEO on the company’s philanthropic efforts.



Taking what we’re good at and making it great … taking what we’re great at and making it world class.
By transforming the state’s flagship university into a truly global university, we’re showing the world that the Gator Good is the greater good.

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Whether it’s time, talent, ideas or donations, your contribution is a necessary part of keeping The Gator Nation strong.

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Find a Gator Club near you and stay involved in the ongoing goings-on of The Gator Nation in your community.

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Gators for Higher Education strive to be advocates for UF and make it the best it can be - a top-ranked university that educates Florida’s future leaders, drives the state’s economic development, produces breakthroughs in scientific research, and serves the people of our state.

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In 2014-15, 3.85 million people attended UF educational, cultural and health care venues.


UF’s ocean research helps to protect the coasts of Florida, where more than 75 percent of the state's residents live.


UF has more LEED-certified buildings than any other American university.

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